Fabrication of Granite and Quartz Countertops in Miami, FL

Busy in your routine you may or may not wonder about whole the process behind the shining quartz countertops in your kitchen. But since you are here, we have something really fascinating to share with you. Let’s move step by step.

Our Work Procedures


Choosing the Material

So it all starts with selecting the type of countertop you wish to have. You can visit our store physically or online to check out the available materials. This has to be a thorough process on the buyer’s part to make sure there is not a single unacceptable spot because, after fabrication, nothing can be done about it.

Templating the Selections

Finalizing the template marks step number two. So once you have selected the stone, our experts will analyze the best template that matches your requirements. Comparing the layouts is also significant to ensure that all the countertops are in similar flow and template. For example, if you plan to have two perpendicular countertops, forming L shape, you’ll want them to be well coordinated.

Cutting of the Stone

If you are wondering about the number of times you’ll have to visit us, then don’t because our professionals will take all of your requirements for the first time. So in this step, we’ll move forward to shaping the stone. Usually, we use saw jet which is a combination of water jet and bridge saw, two widely used conventional tools for the process.

Fabrication of Granite Countertops

Here comes the final step. Fabrication of quartz countertops and granite countertops is marked by making holes in the slab for a sink, stove, and other requirements. To keep the dimensions perfectly according to the requirements, they are entered into the CNC machine.

Those thick strong granite countertops in your kitchen and bathroom go through a long process to be able to use for years to come. They are mainly handled by a professional stone fabricator, who is an expert in the field and knows every detail of the process.

This machine allows you to work on multiple pieces at the same time, which enables you to easily compare and cut each slab. Since working on this machine requires considerable experience, we have the best team to undertake the process.

After cutting the holes, the fabricator moves on to smoothening the edges. With the efficient CNC machine, you can choose different edges to match your interior.

Polishing The Countertops

Giving the slab its perfect shine, here comes the polishing part. This again is done by the CNC machine that uses an extensive 7-layer process. It deploys diamond polished pads starting from 50-grit and moving seven stages to finally get to 3000 grit. That’s how we get the super smooth and shinning quartz countertops.

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