Our Work Process

From Concept To Delivery

We Listen To You

1 Initial Consultation

For us, it’s very important to connect with our clients. Our first step is focused on YOU, we want to listen to your ideas and concerns to better understand your needs.

What is your dream kitchen?
Do you want to remodel your bathroom?
Do you want to have an open layout?
Do you need more room in your kitchen?
Does your flooring need an update?

Form & Function

2 Planning The Project

The second step after listening your ideas and concerns is taking notes on everything and making recommendations. Sometimes, the space or the material are a challenge to be considered. In the planning phase we will explain to you how we can make your project in the minimum time possible.

We are interested to provide you the best service in all South Florida for all type of renovations and fabrication and installation of countertops.

Natural vs Engineered

3 Material Selection

It all starts with selecting the type of material that you wish to have installed. You can visit our store or check online the available materials. Choosing the material is on the client’s side, you should be sure about the material and check there are not a single unacceptable spot, because, after the fabrication and installation, not much can be done about it.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

4 Fabrication & Supervision

Before the installation, we reconfirm the measurements and coordinate with our team to prepare the space begin the installation or renovation. We have an efficient work process to ensure the highest quality standard whether it is a single vanity countertop installation or a 300-room hotel. We take pride in proving the highest standards and best customer service no matter the size of the project.

We Deliver Results

5 Delivery & Installation

This is your Happy Day! (and ours too), we will tour your project verifying all the details you requested, the correct operation of everything and we will shake your hand with gratitude for preferring our company and our services..